Thursday, June 05, 2008

Due Apologies

Mudrakhya Festival 2008 remains cancelled, due to unforseen circumstances. It was postponed as informed on 16th May, but later came in the confirmation of cancellation.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mudrakhya festival -2008

May 20th to 26th; 7 days, round the clock, will be "The Mudrakhya Festival-2008", devoted to Sri. Kalamandalam Gopi. Kathakali stories and other allied art forms complimented by academic sessions like seminars and discussions and also exhibitions.Venue : MD Ramanathan Memorial Auditorium, Music College, Palakkad-"KUNJU ETTAN NAGAR".

Major Programme
Over 350 artistes, 34 stories-99 hrs. of Kathakali - Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair, Kalamandalam Gopi & the whole ensemble of senior and junior artistes from all parts of Kerala will participate.

Felicitations by the public.


Conferring 'The Kunju Ettan Memmorial Award.'

Open Forum.

Reunion of the members of the Old Kalamandalam 'Minor set'

Ottantullal - Kalamandalam Prabhakaran (21-05-'08)

Mohiniyattom - Pallavi Krishnan ((21-05-'08)

Tullalpada Kacheri - Aayamkudi Tankappan Nair (22.05.'08)

Sangeeta Kacheri - RAjesh Menon (23.05.08)

Koodiyattom - Padmasree Madhava Chakkyar Gurukulam - 24.05.'08)

Taayampaka - Kalamandalam Balraman (25.05.'08)

Natyasamanwayam - Kalamandalam Gopi & V.P. Dhananjayan (25.05.'08)

For details and updates keep observing this blog. contact:-Capt. (Rtd) P.S.G. Nair at 9447835658., P.Radhakrishnan at 9447178424., P. M. Narayanan at 9446509961., K. Sasi, Ramanathapuram, Puthur, Palakkad at 9447254113., P.V.Prasad at 9447333232 7 Korattikara Hari at 9447087575. Emails:-,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kunjuettan has gone behind the 'Live-Tirasseela'

"Kunjuettan, despite any duration of acquaintance with him, is often been placed on a high pedestal deep within anyones heart, for both what he has been and what he could be. His presence and mannerisms during any kathakali programme have always etched his presence felt in fathoms of our thoughts.
Ways of destiny at times descents with a swirl, blasting ones hopes and sentiments. May be we are immature to comprehend such ways of the nature.
However, the cleft of separation occured on 09.02.2008, is painful to any ordinary sensitive human being, which all of us are. Yet, trickling tears will be an injustice to his dynamic soul. Hence, we must collect together and accrue his spirit and enthusiasm to give a dynamic face-lift to Mudrakhya, in the days to come. That will be the greatest, functional tribute to our dear departed Kunjuettan."
Seeking his blessings and advice from the neither-worlds,
Pranaams at His solemn feet.(Members of Mudrakhya)

Who said 'Katakali doesn't pull a large crowd'?

On 22.02.2008, Mudrakhya staged Duryodhanavadham, from 9.00pm to 12.30 pm, at the Sree Subrahmanya Temple, Valiyapadam, Palakkad. Kottakkal Nandakumaran Nair, as Duryodhana took the crowd by a storm..he was in his elements ......... powerful and dramatic. Kalamnadalam Mohan as Dussasana, Kalamandalam Narayanankutty as Sakuni, Trippayya Peetambaran as Draupathi, Kala. Kuttykrishnan as Radrabheema did absolut justice to their roles. Kalamandalam Mohanakrishnan, Dr. Vellinezhi Achithan kutty, Kalamandalam Vijayakrishnan, Kuttu & other professionals provided the orchestral ambience needed for the show. AND .... WHO SAID ... "KATHAKALI DOESN't PULL A LARGE CROWD?"
Looka the two sections of the crowd.... over 600...not thinning till the end of the show.